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3 most common misconceptions & myths about exercise & fitness

I have come across many myths on fitness and exercise in my life and I will be dissecting 3 of the most common misconceptions today

1. Crunches and other Ab exercises burn belly fat

This is the myth I have come across the most. Even some gym trainers stand by it. But, as already pointed out by others, spot reduction of fat does not work. Your body will choose where to burn off fat based on your genetics. And usually belly fat is the last one to go. So focus on reducing your calorie intake and perform more of compound exercises and include some circuit or HIIT training principles to burn over all fat.. you will only see your abs once you burn good amount of overall body fat and has optimal and low fat percentage

2. Do more reps to become ‘toned’

This is one of the most common myths in Indian gyms. That is why you will see many people, especially women, doing 25 -30 reps per set with lighter weights. In fact, being ‘toned’ is nothing but having a lower body fat which gives definition to the muscles and has nothing to do with reps.

Besides, the muscle density, gain for women is less as compared to men. This will ensure women still remain relatively thin and ‘toned’ even though they may have high strength. This is due the the different hormones what males and females carry;

So the right thing is to do repetitions for hypertrophy with the range of 8-12 reps per set with the optimal weights ... and burn more fat doing cardio and checking your total calorie intake

Its simple rule . But we complicate it...

3. You can gain weight/lose fat quickly

This myth is the inspiration behind fad diets, fat burning pills and other magical workouts and fitness plans. Healthy fat loss is a very slow process. Muscle gain is even slower! There is a limit to what your body can do. So, unless you plan to use performance enhancing drugs, or do a surgery, you have to work for a long period to achieve your goals.

Consistency is the key .... To get it done ... long term success is never quick ... it takes its own time ..

I am sure I was able to clarify the common misconceptions and I ll be coming up with more such myths wandering in the market...


written by Rahul Kharbanda

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