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Tired Of Getting Mediocre Results In The Gym?

If you’re like most people, you’ve been spinning your wheels in the gym, working out week after week without seeing any real progress.

No new muscle gained. No fat burned. No visible results.

You’ve tried “confusing your muscles” with different workout routines, eliminating bread and pasta from your diet, taking fat burners that make your heart race…

But no matter what you do, nothing seems to work the way you need it to.

Of course, you’re not alone. The sad truth is that even after months of consistently working out, most people have nothing to show for it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…


"HUMANIZE" Gets Real Results - And Fast

Getting coaching from elite online personal trainers is hands down the fastest way to radically transform your body and get the kind of fitness results you’ve always wanted.

As our VIP member, you’ll be paired with a certified online fitness coach who will design a custom workout and nutrition plan that’s built completely around YOUR goals.

And all for a fraction of the price you’d pay for ordinary personal training.


How It Works

Tell Us About Your Fitness Goals And We'll Get You Started With A Online Trainer

As you get started with us, you’ll be asked to complete a short consultation form so that we can get you to the right program.

We’ll ask you about your fitness goals, workout experience, how much time you have to exercise, what equipment you have access to (at home or in the gym), dietary preferences, and more.

We’ll use this information to help you reach your goals.

Get 1-on-1 Workout And Nutrition Coaching From Your Online Personal Trainer


Your online personal trainer will develop a fully customized workout and nutrition plan – based on your goals and preferences – that will show you exactly what to do to get results quickly.

This means no more guesswork about which exercises to do or what kind of diet you should follow. Just stick to your plan and get results.


Stay On Track With Ongoing Motivation And Support


Your online personal trainer will check in with you regularly and make adjustments to your fitness plan to keep you on track to reaching your goals. Plus, you can reach out to your trainer anytime – 24/7!

So whenever you have a question or need support, your trainer will be there to point you in the right direction.



Everything You Need To Get Bigger, Leaner, And Stronger Or Loose Weight

Whether you want to get lean and ripped, pack on muscle, or just lose that stubborn belly fat, your online personal trainer will show you exactly what to do to get the body you want.


Powerful Muscle-Building Workouts


Maximize your results with a custom workout plan designed just for you. Your trainer will show you exactly what to do to reach all of your fitness goals in record time.


Your trainer will design an effective workout for you based on whatever equipment you have access to.


No matter how much time you have available to work out, your online personal trainer will create a plan that fits your schedule.


Your trainer will make regular changes to your workout plan so you’re never stuck doing the same boring routine over and over again.


Fat-Scorching Nutrition Plans

Get leaner and stronger without sacrificing any of the foods you love. Your trainer will give you a comprehensive diet plan that’s both effective and easy to stick to.


Say goodbye to bland, boring diet food and learn how to lose fat and build muscle while eating all of your favorite foods.


You don’t have to starve yourself to lose the weight. Your trainer will give you a diet that keeps you full and satisfied.


No foods are completely off limits, including alcohol. Learn how to satisfy your cravings while still getting results.


Unlimited Support From Your Trainer

Your trainer is always just a click or tap away! So whenever you have questions or need support, you can always rely on your trainer to help you stay on track.


Stay focused and consistent with your workouts and diet with regular encouragement from your trainer.


Whenever you get stuck, your trainer will be there to help you break through plateaus and continue making great progress.


Have a question about exercise technique? Need help dialing in your diet? Just reach out to your trainer for help.


Proven Training Programs That Actually Get Results

Up until now, there’s been a good reason you haven’t been able to get the results you’re looking for from your workouts and diets.

And the reason is simple: information overload.

For decades, the fitness industry has overloaded you with conflicting information about building muscle and losing fat, leaving you dazed and confused in a sea of ineffective workouts, unrealistic diets, and sketchy supplements.

How are you supposed to know which training programs and diets actually work – and which are just a waste of time?

This is exactly why so many people are struggling, because there’s too much information out there, and the majority of it is just flat out wrong.

The good news is that there’s a shortcut.

When you sign up to work with us, you’ll be introduced to our signature training methodology. This means that every workout and nutrition plan developed for you by your trainer is backed by both concrete science and real world results.

You won’t find any fluff here.

Our workouts are based on a mastery of foundational strength training exercises, with a focus on continuous improvement week after week.

Within just a few weeks of working with your coach, you’ll find yourself getting stronger, looking better, and feeling confident that the work you’re putting into your training plan is translating into real, visible results.



Powerful Tools And Support To Help Keep You On Track

Get access to all the tools and support you need to perform at your very best – and stay there. Feel confident every step of the way as you track your progress to a new, better you.


Progress Tracking

Track your progress and see how your body is improving over time in your online personal training portal.

Detailed Exercise Videos

Watch clear, step-by- step instructional videos for every single exercise in your workout plan.

Mobile Training App

Access your workout plan and message your trainer from anywhere with our mobile app.

Motivation And Accountability

Stay on track with regular progress check-ins and motivation from your trainer pushing you to be your best.

Supplement Advice

We’ll recommend proven supplements that can get you even faster results, while helping you avoid the scams.


No More Excuses. Get Started Today.

How long have you been telling yourself that you want to get back into shape? Well, here’s your chance.

With our online personal training program, you’ll reach all of your fitness goals:




Frequently Asked Questions


What is is an online personal training portal with a primary focus on holistic approach training.

we offers a no-nonsense, results-driven approach to working out. Our programming and nutrition advice has helped thousands of clients across the world not only transform their bodies, but also see how the benefits of getting stronger can have an impact on every area of their lives.

How much does an online personal trainer program cost?

we are at much more affordable than traditional personal training.

This includes unlimited 1-on-1 support from your online fitness coach, weekly progress check-ins, ongoing updates, and expert input into your training and nutrition plans.

Billing is month to month and you can cancel your membership at any time – no long term contracts!


Do I need a gym to train with

You don’t need to be a member of a gym to work with a coach. Your online fitness coach will design a workout plan for you based on where you work out and what equipment you have access to – whether it’s at a gym or at home


Am I too old for online personal training?

Not at all. online PTs are equipped to work with men and women of all ages. Some of our clients are well into their 70s and see regular improvements in strength and performance.


Is my online fitness coach a real person?

Absolutely. At we strongly believe in the benefits of working with a real human coach.

While there are many one-size-fits-all fitness apps out there, takes a different approach. When you sign up for training, you work 1-on-1 with an elite online fitness coach who will help you get the results you’re looking for. All of our trainers are properly certified and have good training experience, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.


How will I communicate with my trainer?

You can message your personal trainer whenever you like, 24 hours a day, via the mobile training app. Your trainer will be there to motivate you, offer advice, answer questions, and keep you on track.


How soon will my online personal trainer respond to my messages?

As a rule, your trainer will always get back to you within 24 hours. However, the average response time is typically much faster than this, and your trainer will always try to get back to you as quickly as possible.


How often will my personal trainer check in with me? trainer will conduct a comprehensive progress overview once per week, which includes a detailed review of both your workout and nutrition plans.

Your trainer will make routine adjustments to your training program based on your progress, as well as tell you what the important areas are to focus on for the following week.

Of course, beyond these weekly comprehensive check-ins, your trainer is always available to answer your questions and support you in whatever way you need. Having frequent contact with your trainer is important for keeping you accountable to your fitness plan and make sure you get consistent results week after week.


Is only for people in the India?

Nope, our online fitness coaches work with clients from all over the world.


I travel frequently, is this a problem?

No worries! coach can create an additional workout plan that will work with the specific demands of your schedule while traveling. Your personal trainer will also be able to offer advice on maintaining your nutrition while you’re traveling to keep you right on track. 


How customized is my online training program? online training programs are 100% customized to each member’s lifestyle and goals.


Do nutrition plans allow for specific dietary requirements and allergies?

Of course! Whether you are gluten-free, keto, vegan, paleo, or you have allergies or intolerances to specific food types; we will develop your plan to fit your individual needs.


How does an online fitness coach correct my exercise form?

Having great form when training is essential – both for preventing injuries and for maximizing good progress.

So in order to ensure your form is correct, your personal trainer will ask you to record videos periodically of yourself training and then upload to the mobile app for your coach to review and provide feedback & you can also compare your form while you exercise with the video played in front of you.


How does my coach measure my progress?

Our online fitness coaches measure your progress in a variety of different ways. These can include changes in your relative strength, scale weight, body fat percentage, and measurements.

You can also add progress photos, kept private between you and your coach, to see all of the visual improvements you’re making!


How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

Honestly, everybody is different. But we are confident that if you complete your workouts, stick to your nutrition plan, and engage with your personal trainer, then you will see great results quickly.

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