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'Personal trainer in your hands'

The Fit Guide_Volume # 1 - A 280 pages Masterpiece is one of the most comprehensive practical, research & experience based Fitness & Nutrition guides which gives you complete insights on - 


Benefits of exercising

10 faulty exercise tactics to avoid

26 fat-burning tips for sexy & leaner you

Getting started Nutrition Guide - Secrets

10 Tips for achieving bulletproof health

18 DIY Super Bodyweight Workouts for transformation

26 Days DFY Meal plans for sure success goals


Meal Plans - 1200 Cal_Veg, Non-Veg, Keto, Indian

Includes all Recipes, Nutrition Stats, Grocery List

Workouts - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

With Pictures & Detailed Explanation


P.S - This guide is recommended for all fitness enthusiasts who are keen to know and upgrade themselves from foundation to advanced workouts.

*Personal trainers & fitness experts who want amazing variations and exercises with meal plans to deliver to their clients can hugely benefit from it. This is your lifetime friend & Handbook to get you going.

The Fit Guide_Volume # 1


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