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Work Distribution for enhanced productivity

We all understand there are some works which can be done and shall be handled by us alone and we think that no one can do it better than us. That exactly true when we are exceptionally skilled at some work where we are the only master of the craft and no one else is close to our expertise.

But in today's fast-paced moving world reaching goals alone is a task. We shall learn to distribute the work for increasing productivity. The result should be sweet. No matter you do it alone or take the help of others. Everyone looks at the final result. Say for example if you want to build a superior world-class company that manufactures amazing quality products you as the founder alone cannot do everything. You would require employees for manufacturing, administration, logistics, technology, distribution, etc, etc. that is the only way to achieve the result that is making profits via your starting dream.

Why go so far? look at your house. everyone has and understands their responsibilities, the lady of the house fulfill her responsibility, the man of the house plays his part children their parts. The result is happy living.

Work distribution is an art. if people around you who are ready to work do not understand what to do, one of us has to take the responsibility to distribute the work to everyone to fulfill the result.

Looking at one more example in the networking industry. one man starts building own network, everyone plays their role, builds their network, and works as owners. accepting their ownership is what matters. if each one of us understands our ownership and responsibility one can achieve any goals which you set collectively and the best part is with increased productivity the results may be many folds which one would have achieved alone.

You don't have to work like a robot doing each task yourself, If you do so you are tiring yourself, will be less productive, will be more stressed & calculative.

I had a personal experience when I opened my own takeaway , it was a small outlet and I thought of hiring some staff including cleaner, helper, and a chef. Unfortunately, I was only able to manage to get the only cleaner. You would understand the kind of work I was doing, from buying groceries to sales to cooking and serving, managing, final cleanliness check, etc. I enjoyed the hell for about a year but was not able to make it. because it got me over my head, I was super busy in managing micro tasks that there was no time to think of growing.

Don't do that mistake, be an artist, learn the art of distributing the work and you will feel blessed when work is done with the help of others.

Learn to live with people grow with people and achieve uncommon goals.

written by Rahul Kharbanda

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