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Prioritize : The magic begins here !

We all have priorities in life and we should have few. But also remember we all should have few priorities which will design our life, the life we always desire and look for. This will all depend on how you see your life in present and how you prioritise your goals.

life will go on , studies, school, kids, exams, health, relationship, money, success, failure, food, fun these are all part of life, No one can stop these things to happen. But one thing which one has to keep in mind is your most important goal you want to achieve. Keep it in centre & let the life revolve around that goal. Be it your business, any competition, or any other factor where success depends and your life is at stake , Never ever keep that particular goal revolving around the life and keeping life in centre will always make you feel distracted and far from achieving your goal.

Always have an attitude to do it Now. Pracastination is the enemy of success and a good life is also the biggest enemy of a better life. Keep hustling until you reach where you want to be. Live life with a purpose .

I have seen people who say they'll do this and that but never do it. Be a man of words. Do what you say and be accountable. This is one mantra for success. Always take out time to think for yourself and sharpen your axe.

Do what you feel happy about, Life is too short to listen to others . Listen to yourself and you will never regret.

Magic starts to begin when you start prioratizing things. See which is most improtant for you & plan to accomplish those goals. Most of our time of the days goes to things which are not too important in life and then we regret on lost time and value. So Think and act wisely. Your life, your goals and your dreams No one else can do it for you. You are the only one who can do It all.

written by

Rahul Kharbanda

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