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Effective Collaboration - How is it possible?

Updated: May 4, 2020

What is Collaboration, if one knows the true meaning, he or she will be able to succeed well. Its nothing but finding the right fit of people who are like minded & have common goals who are ready to work as team and work well as a team player to achieve success in business.

Building a team is very important in any business model. If the business has to grow well and scale well it has to have an efficient and effective working team. So partnering with people or agencies and making a strong team to work for a smooth running business is the goal of any successful businessman.

How to choose the right people ?

Its not important to have large number of people in team who are not efficient but its important to have right number and right type of people, for this you have to have a selection process, And that has to be your own customised selection system which you feel that works best for you to find the right people..

Few tips to select good team members is to ask the right questions while selection or interviewing the person!

1. Know the background of the individual

2. Is he or she a team player

3. Ask any Past experiences

4. Plan & vision of the person for the businss

5. How open is he or she to learning

6. Is he or she is a decision maker or dependent

7. Reason for collaborating with you

8. How eager and excited a person is to grow

These few points seem to be easy but it might take few days to complete the process and select the good person who can help you and your business grow well.

these points can be used to as a check list to create great team for a team building business or for any other business where you have to select and make your own network of vendors and dealers and other partners helpful to you in your success journey.

written by. Rahul Kharbanda

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