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Deadlifts are bad for your back?

No thats not true - rather you have a weak back and you are afraid lifting.

Do you know deadlift is a functional movement used in everyday life.. you lift something from the floor ... if you do deadlift you know the correct posture. But once you lift weight with the right mechanics then this exercise is super rewarding..

Most guys that use this myth to skip Deadlifts are just saying, “I don’t like them because they make my back sore.”

The fact is deadlifts are one of the most intense and rewarding exercises.

you can do it , whether you’re a guy or a girl. And much to the contrary of this myth, Deadlifts are good for your back and actually strengthen it from bottom to top—when they’re done correctly. if done incorrectly,, it can be pretty scary.

Proper Deadlifts have several benefits. They train quite a few other muscles such as biceps, traps, abs, calves, quads, and hamstrings. They also trigger increased growth hormone and testosterone production, which greatly enhances your gains from all of your workouts.

As long as you don’t have an existing back condition, I highly recommend you start deadlifting right away.

Before you do, however, make sure you have perfect form. Now let me take you to a short description of how to deadlift properly.

Always start with the bar on the floor—not on the safety pins or on the rack.

Your stance should be a bit narrower than shoulder-width, and your toes should be pointed slightly out. You should stand with the bar above the middle of your feet (the top of your foot).

Bend at your waist and grip the bar by placing it into the middle of your palms, not in your fingers. Both palms should be facing in to build grip strength. The other grip option is the “alternate” method where one palm faces in (usually the non-dominant hand) and the other faces out, which can allow for heavier weight to be lifted.

Your arms should be just outside your legs, leaving enough room for your thumbs to clear your thighs.

Bend through your knees until your shins touch the bar, and then lift your chest until your back is in a neutral position and tight. Don’t overarch your back, and don’t squeeze your shoulder- blades together like with the Squat. Just push your chest up and your shoulders and back down. Your elbows should be completely straight.

You’re now ready to pull.

Take a deep breath, look forward, and start the upward movement by engaging the quads to begin the straightening of the knees. This will pull the bar up your shins, and once the weight is off the ground, join your hips into the upward movement and keep your back neutral and tight the whole way up. You should try to keep the bar on as vertically straight of a path as possible

The bar should move up your shins, and roll over your knees and thighs. At the top, your chest should be out and your shoulders down. Don’t lean back, or shrug the weight, or roll your shoulders up and back. This is the correct upright position.

The next half of the movement is lowering the weight back down to the floor in a controlled manner (yes, it must go all the way back to the floor!). This is simply a mirror image of what you did to come up.

You begin to lower the bar by pushing your hips back first, letting the bar descend in a straight line until it reaches your knees. At that point, you bend your knees and lower it down your shins. The back stays locked in its tight, neutral position the entire time. And you are back to the starting position..

Now here I want to give you few Deadlift Tips

Don’t start with your hips too low. Remember that the Deadlift starting position is not the same as the Squat bottom position. The Deadlift requires that your hips be higher than the bottom of the Squat.

When you’re lowering the weight, if you break your knees too early, you’ll hit them with the bar. To avoid this, begin your descent by pushing your hips back first and don’t bend your knees until the bar reaches your knees.

If you start the upward motion with bent elbows, you’ll end up putting unnecessary strain on your biceps. Keep your elbows straight for the entire lift.

Deadlifting in shoes that have air cushions or gel filling is a bad idea. It compromises stability, causes power loss, and interferes with proper form. Get shoes with flat, hard soles.

Too wide of a stance or grip will make the exercise awkward. The Deadlift stance is narrower than the Squat stance, and the Deadlift requires that the hands be just outside the legs.

Don’t strain to look up while deadlifting. Keep your head in a neutral position and in line with your spine.

If you start the upward lift with your hips too high, you’ll turn the Deadlift into a Stiff-Legged Deadlift, which is more stressful on the lower back and hamstrings. Make sure that you get your hips low enough in the starting position (but not too low!).

Explode the bar up from the floor as fast as you can. Apply as much force as quickly as possible and you’ll be able to move more weight.

Try to crush the bar with your grip. If your knuckles aren’t white, you’re not squeezing hard enough.

Use the alternating grip if your grip isn’t strong enough.

So now you know how to do the deadlift right, the correct form and I have uncovered the myth prevailing in the society with regrads to deadlift..

By - Rahul Kharbanda

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