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Criticism cannot affect you without your consent !

Be a fighter : Look at yourself, how beautiful you are, how amazingly you have been doing things in this life.

If you are a compassionate human you would love yourself and your life because everyone else loves you. You feel blessed because you are the most important being on this earth for few people who love you.

Now what happens when you plan to do something new and you fail, what happens when you try and go out of the boundaries to start a new project and you fail, Something important you want to share with people but you landed not so confident, Something you wanted to do now but you let it go.

you would face criticism : So what Now you have two options

1. you take it and stop trying because you are hurt that someone criticised you and you are not open to learn from your own failure. or even if you are successful there will be critics. Criticism is not always negative.

see even the top blockbuster movies have critics. this actually gives the makers idea what not to do in future projects. it does not make them stop working.

2. accept and work for it in a positive manner. Do what you need to do to be more professional , more profound, more skilful, practice well and become the legend in your own field.

criticism cannot affect you until you take it , It is only with your own consent it will dislocate your mind.

Learn to be calm and accept any quote on positive note so as to bounce back with great force and win.

A lady in her college was asked to speak on the stage and give presentation. She started and with her legs trembling was not able to give the presentation up to the mark. People criticised her, laughed at her.

feeling sorry for herself tears rolled over her cheeks and i am sure she was feeling herself a big failure. and decided never to go on stage.

Her friend gave her two choices , either what she was thinking of that she ll never step on stage or other one is learn the skill. She chose the second one and practised to speak well and surprisingly in her middle age she was one of the best public speakers who motivated and inspired millions of population with her positive thoughts and powerful speech.

written by Rahul Kharbanda


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