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Being Intelligent Emotionally - The Real Deal

This is the time to realize. This is the time to think and act. this is the time to work on you. Being intelligent emotionally makes you strong and helps you make the right decisions at the right times without getting you into unwanted troubles. It is well researched that emotional intelligence is 25 times more powerful than mental intelligence. That is being cool at difficult times and act cautiously and the ability to make the right decisions. It is also said that if you are strong emotionally you are better able to make the right decisions financially.

If you cannot control yourself emotionally it is more likely that you would not make good financial decisions.

This is true that once you are emotionally stable with emotions such as fear of rejection, shyness, security, impatience, temperament, addiction, anger, and change your entire life starts to change.

It has been observed that people who remain calm inside and are wise thinkers have better-married life, good health, great business skills, and live life happily.

If you want to learn how to be emotionally intelligent a network marketing business can be a good training ground for you. It is a place where you know yourself better, you learn real deal, you talk to people, you see people quit, but you still stay strong to win, you see people lie, you learn how to overcome fears, you get disappointments, you become impatient but still you learn how to be emotionally healthy.

This is true that once you are emotionally stable with emotions such as fear of rejection, shyness, security, impatience, temprament, addiction, anger, and change your entire life starts to change.

If not network marketing, what else? find a platform for yourself where you can test your "EIQ".

Once you are better able to control your emotions you are better able to manage your business & most importantly your life.

Most of the time if you have chosen a well-established brand you need to stay with it. stay with it long enough and if possible be with that company only. Because that is the brand and its leaders which gave heart and soul to you to nurture you and make you the one who you become. It takes 1-2 years to learn the business and build the foundation strong. And not waiting to see your success and thinking your learning phase as time spent in the company not getting paid or getting results is the biggest mistake.

Becoming a frog and switching to some new option shows the emotional weakness. Now what you learned in your old company you apply in the new one. There will be two things happening . you becoming successful and success goes in your head which again will be the reason for low emotional intelligence. It is OK to leave one business but do it for the right reasons, rather than emotional reasons. Early success impulsiveness and impatience will only take you no were. jumping from one stone to others is good for frogs but not for business owners. Once you find the right network marketing business, give yourself and your business the time to grow together. Looking for the perfect business, the perfect product line, the perfect team, and chasing its company to the company will only drop you in trouble with years of experimenting and no success. Companies claiming and giving early success and early money are not reliable. check the credibility. before you select one. Ones you do so stick to it and build it strong.

written by Rahul Kharbanda


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