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6 Reasons Why You Need to Stay Fit After 50

1. You can live a long and active life

If you stay fit after the age of 50, you can live a long and active life. Researchers say that maintaining muscle health can improve energy levels and mobility, Decreases the risk of falls and fractures, Speed up recovery from illness.

And you know it very well that Exercise is necessary for maintaining both mental and physical health.

2. You will spend less money on medical care

Sticking to a regular exercise regimen can improve your health. So that you can spend less time & money for your meeting with doctors. According to the studies of an academic medical center based in the USA, regular exercise helps prevent or manage a wide range of health problems, including high blood pressure, stroke, depression, and many types of cancer.

3. You’ll feel happier

There is a strong connection between physical fitness and happiness. In addition to boosting your energy, exercise can elevate your mood

Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that can make you feel more relax and anxious. As a bonus you may feel better about your appearance, raising your self-esteem. You can be one who inspire people of half your age.

4. You will stay independent longer

Regular exercise can help older people to remain independent and free from health problems. Seniors who remain physically active are more likely independent, than those who are dependent to accomplish the basic activities of daily living without assistance. If you have older people at your home, encourage them to start physical activity to have a healthy ageing process. Its never too late to start something good .. and age is not a barrier.. There’s no need to buy a gym membership or expensive equipment when you can get creative and the best exercises that fit in your daily routine.

· Walk to the supermarket

· Take stairs instead of elevators

· Ride an exercise bike while you watch TV

- build your gardening routine.

And anything which keeps you moving

5. You will think more clearly & positively

In addition to building muscles, exercises can help improve brain function. You can perform better and remain competitive in the workplace.

“Generally, exercise helps to improve sleep and mood, reduce stress and anxiety, all of which can indirectly help you with overall cognitive function.

6. You will live longer

Aerobic fitness is a powerful indicator of long-term mortality, and the more you do the more the benefit. A recent study showed that just exercising for three hours a week can increase your life span up to five years.

On the other hand, not exercising creates a risk of premature death.

So don't think twice to start the physical activity today - keep smiling always

written by - Rahul Kharbanda


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