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45 reasons why fitness is so important !

I know you are here after reading the title and most of you would be curious to know what are those 45 reasons for why fitness is so important ?

I ll be quickly taking you to each reason making it more exciting with every single point .

So lets begin

Fitness is important because

  1. You get healthy

  2. you fall less sick

  3. you get better at what you do

  4. you feel strong

  5. you work better

  6. your focus improves

  7. your eating habits change

  8. you spend less money on junk thereby saving money

  9. you sleep well

  10. you look better

11. your approach, towards various things in life changes, trust me, a healthy body leads to healthy mind too

12. Chances of getting hypertension goes down

13. Chances of getting diabetes goes down

14. Chances of getting high cholesterol levels go down

15. Chances of heart diseases go down

16. lifestyle diseases can be avoided to a very large extent

17. A healthy body a healthy mind can do wonders

18. If you love fitness and study more on it, a new career door opens for you

19. If you learn the art of fitness and can create value you can easily quit your job and start your own business

20. If you choose a career in fitness, not only money but also the satisfaction of positively impacting peoples lives is what you get

21. You feel energetic

22. Chances of hair fall may go down with an active lifestyle

23. Obesity is never gonna be a problem you face with an active lifestyle

24. Your confidence improves

25. You are less prone to injuries with a strong physique

26. With improved physical and mental strength, you start to deal with your everyday problems more efficiently

27. You start to be calorie conscious

28. you start to read the ingredient list before eating anything to make sure you are not eating the wrong foods

29. You start to manage your food cravings

30. lifestyle changes and thereby your life too

31. You start to understand the harm you do to your body because of all the excess sugary foods you’ve been eating

32. you realize that just 30–45 minutes of exercise can magically change your life for good

33. you realize how even excess of good food can be bad

34. you realize how you can eat your favorite foods without impacting you health

35. you start to know how to manipulate food according to your goals

36. Fitness is a game of patience and consistency. You start to see them both improving in even your everyday life

37. you start to learn to say NO to social eating and emotional eating

38. you learn to cook! yeah people with fitness goals do cook their food

39. your breathing pattern changes and you realize the importance of complete breathing

40. You’ll get to learn that there is no supplement that can help you lose fat

41. You’ll start inspiring people around you

42. Your agility improves

43. Your stress handling gets better

44. Better health saves money as it may help reduce your chances of falling sick

45. Your productivity increases

So fellas these are some of the reasons why fitness is so very important and you should consider doing something for yourself ... my concern is to make you realise why you should be out of your comfort zone and invest on yourself and be a new you .... Also if you are looking for any sort of professional help regarding your health, fitness, nutrition & lifestyle you can get in touch with me directly, my email id is given below & if you are one excited and visionary person who want to start a new career or in addition to what you do because fitness & nutrition is your passion then get a counselling and consultancy from me and I shall help you with the right start.


written by Rahul Kharbanda

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