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4 myths which are doing more harm than good !

This is what I call lack of awareness and believe me before honouring someone's advice I suggest you to research on it before applying it onto your body .. its your body and you are not a subject where you can apply anything and everything which comes on your way.

So here today I am discussing 4 myths which are doing more harm than good.

  • ‘Longer workouts is equivalent to better workouts’

Quality is always better than quantity. A 2-3 hour long workout can actually harm your body as this produces an excess of stress hormones. Short 30-45 minutes concentrated workout with appropriate break time is what is best for your body. Focused workouts helps you get lean and ripped and long duration workouts can harm your muscles and damage them. You dont have to kill yourself in gym for 2 hours to get better results. Muscles break down in the gym but grow when you rest.

  • Taking steroids will make you big and ripped fast’

Steroids are not recommended to anyone. Only after consultation with a doctor or a qualified practitioner is any kind of supplements recommended. Steroids have massive side effects that can cause grave damages to your body or can even prove to be fatal. Steroids have proven to be a bane rather than a boon for a majority of lifters who wanted to become ripped fast. So analyse and understand its effects before taking any stupid decision... if you are not working out for any competitive sport which demands its usage. Anyone who use steroids just for getting faster results and look good is actually not doing good to himself

  • You can become thin or muscular once and remain like that without any further effort

Many people feel that they can work hard and exercise for a year or so, achieve their goal, and then go back to their unhealthy habits.

This is not true .. these are the people Who are stuck in the same cycle for years till they eventually give up. Most people fail to realise that fitness is a lifetime commitment.

  • You can burn the junk food you eat by working out extra

A 2hr jog will help you burn roughly 200 kcal. How long will it take to gain back the 100 kcal? Just Two Double Oreos. That’s it.

No matter how much you try, you cannot outrun a bad diet. There is a limit how much your BMR can help you. It’s always better to keep out of junk food

So These are some of the misconceptions I have come across. I hope they are helpful to you.

written By Rahul Kharbanda


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