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Buy Cheap Sectional Sofa

Our top choice is the Apt2B Melrose Reversible Chaise Sofa. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, this customizable sectional boasts a solid wood frame and washable cushion covers in your choice of over 60 upholstery options. But if you're on a budget, you can't go wrong with the Mercury Row Merwin 2-Piece Upholstered Sectional, which was a hit with our home tester (view at Wayfair). And if you're open to shelling out the big bucks for an upscale design, Pottery Barn's Dream Square Wide Arm Chaise Sectional won't disappoint.

buy cheap sectional sofa

"I always recommend a performance fabric," says Forshew. Performance upholstery is easy to clean, often stain-repellent, and resistant to wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for busy households, families with kids, and people with pets. Some of the best sectionals online come in various performance fabrics, like the options you'll find at West Elm, Apt2B, and Room & Board.

Ideally, your sofa should be 30 to 36 inches tall (the distance from the floor to the top of the backrest). The backrest should account for roughly half this distance to ensure proper support while sitting. "Back height is so important," says Forshew. "More contemporary designs tend to have a lower back, and you can't really lean back."

The standard types of sectional sofas include L-shaped and U-shaped designs. L-shaped couches typically have a chaise longue on one side, which may or may not be reversible. U-shaped sectionals feature either regular seats on three sides or a chaise on both sides. There are also modular models that allow you to create multiple configurations.

For this guide, we sought companies whose sofas hit the sweet spot of durability, comfort, price, and availability of styles. We wanted to find sofas that could be easily ordered online and returned. Though some of the companies we looked at have showrooms or brick-and-mortar stores, the bulk of this guide covers direct-to-consumer companies that sell online.

Shipping & delivery: Shipping is free for orders over $999 and $49 for anything under that. Article also lists box dimensions and weight on each product page. Since the pandemic, Article has introduced contactless delivery as its default option (to your front door). But you can have the sofa delivered to a designated room for $119 and assembled for an additional $80.

What we liked: Compared with other online offerings we tried, BenchMade Modern sofas are relatively expensive. But we think for the price you get better quality, including a lifetime guarantee for the frame.

Shop here if: You want sleek, modular options that you can customize, as well as competitive prices (within the three sofa styles Burrow offers), and you need to maximize seating in a smaller space.

Shipping & delivery: About $150. Floyd tells you the number of boxes and their dimensions and weight before you order. For an extra fee, you can have the sofa delivered to a specific room, but assembly is not available. Updates on shipping-time estimates and delivery are usually accurate.

Consider how many people will regularly sit on the sofa, as well as how they prefer to sit. Larger families or households that regularly host guests may be drawn to a sectional. But two smaller sofas, or a pair of loveseats, can offer the same amount of seating, or more, while being more flexible.

If you have delicate wood floors, carefully consider the legs of your sofa. From experience, we know that hairpin legs can scrape wood floors. As a last resort, a well-placed area rug can keep sofa feet from damaging a floor.

English roll arm: The cushioned yet firm high-back sofa is distinguished by its low contoured arms leaning outward. This style looks best in traditional and transitional decorated spaces that have enough room not to cramp its size.

Chaise: Imagine the seat of an upholstered chair stretched out, and you have the chaise. Traditionally this sofa features one side with an arm and the other side without (aka a méridienne sofa or fainting couch), but many chaise designs forgo arms altogether.

Camelback: The aristocratic profile of the camelback (also called a humpback sofa) is unsurprisingly attributed to the hump at the center of the backrest. Sometimes there are two humps, and the sofa usually sits atop four to eight exposed wood legs.

After a mattress, a sofa is likely the most-used piece of furniture in a home. The quality of the frame, supports, cushions, and upholstery will affect how long a sofa lasts; this is something we elaborate on in our companion piece, Sofa Buying Advice From the People Who Design and Make Them. In brief, this is what to look for.

More than cushioning, the suspension in a sofa is what makes it comfortable. Quality sofas are often made with sinuous springs (S-shaped springs stretched across the skeleton of the wood frame), which give the most bounce and the most motion transfer. Some sofas are supported by fabric poly-webbing, which can be even more durable than sinuous springs, depending on the quality. Very high-end sofas are made with eight-way hand-tied springs, which can do a better job of warding off sagging and squeaking. When testing out a sofa, listen for (and avoid) squeaks or creaks.

Test any sofa without extra pillows; they may hide back-cushioning issues. Sit or lounge how you normally would, and note how it feels over time. If you feel achy after only a few minutes, consider a different style or size.

Based on our experience, we know shopping for the perfect sofa can cause a rollercoaster of emotions. There are a lot of factors to consider, but it doesn't get better than the comfort and roominess that a sectional provides. In fact, most sectional silhouettes come in two pieces, making them rather easy to squeeze through tight doors and staircases upon delivery.

To help decide what exact frames and styles you should be looking for, we turned to design expert Gil Walsh of GW Interiors, who knows a thing or two about sectionals. With over 30 years of design experience in both residential and commercial projects, Walsh understands the details to look for when searching for the right sofa for your home. With her impressive design background, we asked her to give us a few tips for sofa shopping, and you might be surprised by what's in store.

"The first thing we look at is the frame," says Walsh. The frame is the structure of your sofa, and if it's not well-made, the chances of your sectional breaking sooner than you'd like are high. Before the inevitable happens, Walsh recommends looking out for a hardwood frame, not to be confused with plywood. Next, comfortability lands on top. If you're purchasing a sectional, you likely want a sofa that you can sprawl out on and lay on for long periods of time. In that case, Walsh suggests what she believes is "one of the best support systems," an eight-way hand-tied springs system.

Additionally, down or down-blend cushions are what you're most likely going to find comfortable. "Besides the cushion fill, the comfort is all in the weave of the fabric," says Walsh. "Soft, plush, and textured fabrics are the coziest." She also recommends a plush-performance fabric for families or those who have pets. Lastly, it's important to consider the scale of your sofa, both in proportion to the room it's going in and your body. Walsh recommends that taller people consider a sofa with greater seat depth, while shorter people search for a sectional with a lower back height. "Choosing the right sofa is all about scaling it to fit the room space as well as your physical dimensions," she says.

Now that you know what to look for, the style and price are fully in your court. Do you want a designer piece that'll stand out in your space, or are you more into affordable options from retailers like Wayfair and Amazon? You can also shop a range of styles, from midcentury modern designs to chic leather pieces. Here's a detailed look at the best sectional sofas on the internet based on Walsh's advice, our editor's reviews, and our own market research.

Few sofas come more highly recommended than this Sabai The Essential Sectional ($1,845). The internet-famous sectional has taken TikTok by storm with its sophisticated design, luxurious feel, and notably feasible price tag. One POPSUGAR editor tested it out in her own apartment, and found that it fit perfectly, all while providing ample seating and lounging space for guests. Read more about her experience with the sofa in this Sabai The Essential Sectional review.

If you want a clean, simple sofa that's modular so you can take it up your stairs one piece at a time, the Allform Corner Sectional With Chaise ($3,795, originally $4,744) might be your best option. The sofa's made of performance fabric or durable leather that can withstand both pets and kids. The sectional can be completely custom designed from its fabric to its pillows and even its leg finish to best suit your taste. Its frame is also made from pine wood, which Walsh recommends for durability. Read our review of the Allform Corner Sectional With Chaise for more details.

We can always get behind a sleek, modern look. When it comes to more elevated sectionals, customers love this West Elm Andes 2-Piece Bumper Chaise Sectional ($2,798-$6,297). The brand offers the style in a number of silhouettes, materials, and colors. This sofa has a hardwood frame, a supportive spring system, and great fabric options.

If you're on the lookout for a leather choice, try the Burrow Nomad Leather Double Chaise Sectional ($4,785). The brand offers its popular leather in a number of shapes and silhouettes, so you can choose the right one for your home. You can pick the leg style in wood, gold, or metal. Plus, a leather couch won't be prone to sagging. Walsh recommends a hardwood frame, and this sofa's frame is made of baltic birch.

If you're a fan of bouclé (and who isn't?), the new Albany Park Park Sectional Sofa ($1,825, originally $2,199) is for you. It looks stylish and is also seriously comfortable. The soft material feels great, and it'll make a statement in your living room. Complete with a hardwood frame and a supportive spring suspension system, this sofa is bound to satisfy. 041b061a72


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