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Jeremiah Hall
Jeremiah Hall

Tupperware Sushi Maker Buy ((LINK))

Thanks so much for your great information Cheryll! A friend of mine kindly gave me her tupperware rice cooker but had misplaced the instructions and now I have all the info I need! My friends refer to me as the Tupperware queen and after my most recent party (2 weeks ago) I realize just how much Tupperware I have. I can't recommend Tupperware highly enough! I bought the fresh herbs planter. Any tips on using that? Can I plant more than one herb per planter?Thanks!

tupperware sushi maker buy

I got this rice cooker about a month ago. I use it all the time now, and I LOVE it. And cleanup is a snap! My kids have even used it when they want a quick meal (I usually keep teriyaki'd chicken and/or turkey in the freezer).I love tupperware! 041b061a72


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