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Hold On TightChicago Fire : Season 11 Episode 1 ##VERIFIED##

Unfortunately, NBC can't simply leave things at that. In the closing moments of Chicago Fire season 10 finale, Severide and Kidd are just about to start their honeymoon when a mysterious SUV pulls up in front of their cabin accommodations. Since then, fans have been worried about the couple's fate. While Chicago Fire season 11 set images confirm that both Severide and Kidd will survive the looming danger, the official details about the season 11 premiere episode reveal that the newlyweds will find themselves having to fend off their attackers.

Hold on TightChicago Fire : Season 11 Episode 1


Per Rotten Tomatoes, Chicago Fire season 11 premiere, titled "Hold On Tight", will see Kidd and Severide's honeymoon interrupted by someone from the pair's past. Elsewhere, Violet and Brett re-evaluate their respective relationships with Chief Hawkins and Casey. Read Chicago Fire season 11, episode 1's official synopsis below: 041b061a72


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