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[S1E10] Guilt


[S1E10] Guilt

Things went south in the Roosevelt Asylum. Sam managed to overpower Dean and tie him up to a chair. With unimaginable rage running through his system will he be able to stop before it's too late? Will Dean get out of this alive? What will this do to their relationship?Hurt!tortured!Dean Angry!sadistic!guilty!worried!Sam S1 Asylum 1x10, lots of hurt. Maybe John in later chapters.

Judy and Marcus are watching Alex, Brooke, and the park ranger. Marcus called the police 10 minutes ago. They should be arriving soon. Marcus assures Judy that the park ranger won't remember anything. It's to insure that he forgets he stumbled onto the cave. He won't remember anything from the past 72 hours. Alex and the park ranger are fighting. Luckily, the police arrive. Later on, they and Louis are waiting in his office. Eric confirms that it's the missing park ranger. They think he had a mild stroke and got lost in the woods. He's suffering from dehydration and amnesia. He'll be okay. Alex learned how to fight from his dad. Louis asks him and Brooke what they were doing out there. She says she thought she saw a flickering light, and was curious. He's mad that she didn't come to him, and is just glad this park ranger stuff is over. Eric gives Alex a business card with his phone number on it. He and Louis leave. Brooke tells Alex that she didn't want to mention Marcus because she didn't want to get him into trouble. She admits that she's not sure about it anymore. They head back to the clubhouse, and run into Daniel. He thanks Alex, who awkwardly leaves. Brooke apologizes to him for the stuff she said about his mom. He's just glad she's okay. They make up and kiss. Alex runs into Hayley, who was worried about him. She gets him to admit that he went out to make sure Brooke was alright. Hayley points out that that's Daniel's job, and wonders if she and Alex are dating. He says they're not. While telling the chief about the park ranger, Eric is surprised by Carter coming in. He learns that he got his old job back. The kids are hosting a harvest festival. Every year on Halloween weekend, they host a fair for the people of Santa Ynez. All the money they raise will go to a good cause. Louis tells them that they're going to sell cupcakes. A good leader is also a creative marketer. Whichever house makes the most money will get to choose the theme for the Halloween dance. The losing team has to clean up afterwards. Eric notices Carter hang up a letter. It's from Ryan. She gave it to Carter the night before the launch. There's instructions on it to only open it if she didn't come back. However, Carter still hasn't opened it. At first, he couldn't bring himself to open it, and now he doesn't want to. Maybe he'll read it one day, when the time's right. Max wants the theme for the dance to be Back to the Future. Not only has Jackie not seen it, she's never even heard of it. He decides to tell Emma, but can't find her. He wonders if she's still mad at him. Daniel wants to share an idea with Sophie, but in private, and retracts it when Sophie wants to share it with everyone to hear what they think first. He gets frustrated though and eventually tells everyone his idea: Buy a cupcake, get a free Eagles shirt. He has a bunch from last year that sold for $25 each. No one even knows he still has them. Alex and Sophie think they should tell Louis and give the shirts back. Brooke thinks it's a bribe. Hayley tells the people at their booth that there's no prices on the cupcakes. She says it's for charity, and describes it in detail. She trusts them to pay what they feel is fair. The customer gives them $10 for the cupcake, and another ten for the scholarship. It's a nice system, but selfish people can and will take advantage of it, and not everyone has a lot of money. The Ravens learn that Emma stayed at the clubhouse because she said she wasn't feeling well. Jason overhears and asks her why she's not at the fair. She's drawing more attention to her


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